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Freelance OpportunitiesFreelance Opportunities

How do I make money with various freelance opportunities, such as writing or selling images and video?

Freelancers can earn money by writing articles, advertisements, getting paid per post, signing a freelance writer’s contract, selling their photographs or video, programming, graphic design, web development, and much more. The following are reviewed freelance opportunities, sites, and other resources offering freelancers assistance in making money online, or offline for that matter.

Explore our reviewed freelance opportunities, websites, and other related endeavors for authors, photographers, developers, and various tradesmen to earn income as an independent worker. Find the perfect freelance opportunity and be sure to stop by after and submit a review of your own or discuss making money as a freelancer in our Freelance Work Forum. Contributions earn free rewards. Just to note, top contributors of impartial and intelligent user reviews may be contacted by MoneyStance.com to submit editorial reviews on a paid contract.

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Freelance Opportunity Reviews

Legit Online Jobs Reviews

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legit online jobs reviewLegitOnlineJobs.com ReviewLegit Online Jobs Claim: Legit Online Jobs is a membership site with over 50,000 registered users that offers databases of hundreds of companies who will pay you to do certain tasks online. The databases will show you which companies to sign up with and what you need to do to earn income online. For Example, if you post an advertisement for a company, people see it, click it, and then purchase the product, you earn a commission as high as 75%. Legit Online Jobs will give you step by step video guides and tutorials to make money online writing ads or doing other tasks that can generate up to $100 per transaction. You will also receive $200 in free coupon credits as well as access to massive databases of real online jobs and a number of other ways to make money from home. In addition, Legit Online Jobs will offer 4 bonuses; a real at home salary based jobs database, making money with online surveys, earning income with online auctions, and 1 on 1 coaching. All you need to get started is a computer with internet access, no prior experience or skills required. You don't even need to have a website, carry a product, or deal with customers. Legit Online Jobs guarantees that you may earn back your membership fee multiple times over within just a day or two and if not you can take advantage of the 60 day money back guarantee.

Real Writing Jobs Reviews

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realwritingjobs.com Reviews Real Writing Jobs Claim: Real Writing Jobs is a freelance opportunity for those that wish to make decent money writing for others online. With content being a very important commodity online, the demand to outsource content creation has never been higher for webmasters and businesses. In short, Real Writing Jobs is a portal that connects writers and companies requiring their services. What you will make is solely dependant on how much time and effort you put into completing tasks. The rates per job vary, but you may earn up to $100 per article, $500 per short story, $50 per blog post, $150 per day responding to emails, $20 per hour writing reviews, or $45 per hour proofreading and editing books and movie scripts. If you spend a typical 8 hour day writing from home and complete a task per hour, the income potential may suffice for a full-time job, or you may only want to complete a couple tasks per week to supplement your normal income. New jobs are added daily and you may pick and choose with tasks to complete and on what topic. In addition, Real Writing Jobs has thousands of dollars worth of free tools to assist you, such as an article and novel writer, idea generator, research tool, typing trainer, and much more. Some people are making in excess of $1,000 per day. Real Writing Jobs can’t guarantee you’ll make that much, but if you’re not making at least $100 a day, you’re turning down too many jobs.

oDesk Reviews

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oDesk.com Reviews oDesk Claim: oDesk connects businesses and entrepreneurs with freelance contractors, including over 90,000 small businesses and 400,000 online freelance providers. oDesk is the only service to guarantee that an hour billed is an hour worked and that an hour worked is an hour paid. Each month, thousands of companies post online jobs that represent more than $65,000,000 in payroll. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of top-notch professionals offer their services through oDesk, including web developers, software programmers, graphic designers, writers, customer service representatives, marketers, virtual assistants, and just about any work that can be done remotely. This is a win-win for both outsourcing work and those looking for a legit work from home solution online. Whether hourly or fixed price, oDesk jobs average around $5,000 upon completion. oDesk freelancers enjoy working from anywhere, affordable group healthcare plans, retirement 401(k), hands off invoicing and tax collection, setting an hourly rate based on skills and experience, tracking of time worked, identifying your available hours, building reputation for higher paying jobs, online skills testing, and payments guaranteed. Hiring entrepreneurs and businesses can take advantage of a remote workforce, IM chat interviews, in-depth resume like profiles, freelance feedback scores and work history, competitive rates, hands free payroll, work diaries and screenshots, NDA handling, project management features, and no fee job postings. oDesk’s free marketplace for businesses, and workplace for freelancers is changing the way the world works.

Camera Career Reviews

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Camera Career Reviews Camera Career Claim: Camera Career is the ultimate resource for home based freelance photographers. With a digital camera and internet access, you can make money shooting images for a stock collection of photos which earns $1 every time one of your pictures is downloaded, 1000s of times over. You can also be hired on a freelance contract with large corporations that pay per assignment. In addition, there are many opportunities to take photos for magazines and travel publications which could net $500 for a cover shot. At any given time webmasters, authors, and businesses are actively searching for good photos to illustrate their websites, ebooks, ezines, brochures, newsletters, and other publications. Camera Career provides the necessary guidance and tools to effectively make freelance photography a profitable home based career. Included in the Camera Career package is; consumer guidance on buying a digital camera, where to sell stock photography and detailed explanations of the process, how to find and get paid on assignment, the art of taking great selling photos, what types of shots are in demand, how to earn residual income from your collection, how to create your own website to sell photos yourself or show off your portfolio, how to sell large prints for bigger profits, how to convert your images into other products, how to determine which photos outperform others, an up to date list of the 30 best websites to sell your photos, a detailed explanation of photo licensing, 350 magazine markets for freelance photographers, 4 free photography software applications for editing and format conversions, a glossary of digital photography terms, related news and other resources. Everything you need to become a successful freelance photographer can be found within the Camera Career package.

PepperJam Network Reviews

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PepperJam Network Reviews PepperJam's Claim: Founded in 1999, Pepperjam has been a pioneer of affiliate marketing, and has grown to become one of the largest, most highly respected and connected full service Internet marketing company in the industry. On Pepperjam Network, an affiliate marketing publisher works with select merchant advertisers on an agreed upon pay-for-performance basis. Publishers only get paid, and advertisers only pay, when the publisher initiates a transaction, such as commission on a purchase, by providing leads (CPA), click throughs (PPC), or impressions (CPM). Pepperjam Network’s 3rd party solution provides publishers and advertisers with affiliate tracking, reporting, payment technologies, creative advertising, consultations, a user-friendly Web 2.0 interface, communication tools, an educational resource center, unfettered affiliate transparency, and much more. The Pepperjam Network represents the next generation of Affiliate Marketing, such as Pepperjam Ads™, which is a first ever affiliate marketing widget that enables affiliates to deliver contextual advertisements that include marketing messages that you can create and manipulate in real-time to test and refine messages changes; and Pepperjam Mobile, which is the first US marketing program powered by M3 Mobile Marketing to integrate affiliate and mobile marketing into one program. PepperJam also allows you to make up to five blog posts per month about the Pepperjam Network for $10 a piece. Join Pepperjam network for free and being earning money taking advantage of the fastest growing affiliate marketing channels and technology of today.

Home Job Group Reviews

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Home Job Group Review Home Job Group Claim: We are a group of researchers dedicated to helping you find real jobs and careers you can do from home. Our directory of over 1,500 companies is looking to pay you for completing routine business tasks. Home Job members generally make between $200 and $2000 a week depending on their job. Many jobs are available for just about any country or language and we’ll give you updates on new job listings forever. Some of our available jobs include; Administrative work ($10 per hr), proof reading ($17 per hr), assembly ($35 per hr), photography ($50 per photo), web design ($50 per hr), graphic design ($50 per hr), writing ($60 per article), and many more. Just fill out our job placement form and a team of specialists will find the perfect home job for you. With your membership you will also receive a number of downloadable bonuses and a free unlimited membership to ClassifiedSurveys.com, which allows you to make additional money filling out surveys. We've had over 12,000 honest hard working people find their new home job and you can too!

Go Freelance Reviews

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Go Freelance Review Go Freelance Claim: Go Freelance is a premier database of thousands of work from home jobs worldwide. Companies are always seeking freelance experts to hire in a variety of fields, such as writing, web design, legal transcription, internet research, email support, data entry, programming, graphic design, and a wide range of other telecommuting projects and jobs. You could have a legitimate work at home career earning over $3,000 per week working from the comfort of home. For Example, entering data into forms is paying $325 per day, editing documents $300 per day, or answering and sending emails nets $190 per day. That is double or even triple most day jobs. Fresh freelance contracts, jobs, and projects are added daily and if you sign up for the free edition of the Freelance Job Report, you’ll receive the latest contracts via email daily. In addition, we’ll send you a $27 special report on finding freelance work and a 10 day course on freelance success free of charge. Feel free to try our premier membership for 7 days for only $7, we’re sure you will not be disappointed.

Book Reviews of "The Recession-Busting Guide To Making Money Online From Home"

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The Recession-Busting Guide To Making Money Online From Home Reviews The Recession-Busting Guide To Making Money Online From Home

The Guide's Claim: Clark Covington wrote “The Recession-Busting Guide To Making Money Online From Home” to explore, recap, provide instruction, and show you success stories of the many ways to make money online despite the economy. The book outlines a plan for building online businesses that can be performed from home, including recommended rates, places to advertise, and other information to run a successful online business. Clark provides step by step instruction backed up by inspirational stories of people making money from home in every conceivable fashion. For example, you can profit online from your crafts, writing skills, web publishing, artistry, freelance editing, mortgage brokering, resume writing, reporting, PR efforts, virtual assistance, transcription, and a number of other avenues. No longer is income online solely for webmasters and internet developers.

Istockphoto video and audio reviews

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istockphoto Review istockphoto Claim: Istockphoto is a media exchange service of photos, videos, and audio. You earn money by producing original images, video, and/or audio files and placing them on istockphoto.com to be purchased royalty free by other members. Buyers can use the media on websites, promotional material, commercials, or anything else they wish. This is the perfect avenue for amateur photographers to showcase their work and earn great income. Create a large enough portfolio and you can turn enough profit to start your own work from home photography business. Istockphoto’s media exchange service is ideal for customers seeking professional quality designed photos and other media while saving the cost of hiring someone. In addition, istockphoto will pay you an affiliate referral fee of $10 should you recommend a new member who makes a purchase.

Constant Content Reviews

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Constant Content Review Constant Content Claim: Constant Content is a marketplace where freelance writers sell their original work and potential buyers come to shop for it. Constant Content acts like an agent bringing client and author together where articles, tutorials and reviews will be showcased until they are sold. Writers who submit their work to Constant Content may write on any topic and name the work's price, or accept public and private writing requests from customers. Submit your articles to the Constant Content marketplace and it will remain there until a buyer purchases it. 65% of the purchase price is sent via Paypal or 2Checkout to the author and 35% is used to maintain constant content’s network where writers need worry only about the writing itself. We shop your article, archive it for a potential sale, attract new customers to the site and handle the administrative process that comes with transacting business. Constant Content is the ideal place to show off your writing talent and make money for your well-wrought work. In addition, Constant Content offers a 5% commission for affiliate author submissions.

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