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How do I make money with auctions sites online?

Online auction sites are web services that permit users to post items for sale and other users bid on said items. Online auction sites can be used to sell personal property, much like a garage sale, or open an online retail store and to sell purchased wholesale type goods. Auction sites are also great resources to save money when the correct bidding strategies are employed. The following are reviewed online auction sites, services, and other resources, such as wholesalers or informational products offering assistance to make money selling merchandise through online auctions.

Explore our reviewed auction sites and the various services and informational products related to helping you succeed selling with online auctions. Find the perfect opportunity below and be sure to stop by after and submit a review of your own or discuss making money with online auctions in our Online Auctions Forum. Contributions earn free rewards.

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Reviewed Online Auction Sites, Services, and Related Products

Legit Online Jobs Reviews

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legit online jobs reviewLegitOnlineJobs.com ReviewLegit Online Jobs Claim: Legit Online Jobs is a membership site with over 50,000 registered users that offers databases of hundreds of companies who will pay you to do certain tasks online. The databases will show you which companies to sign up with and what you need to do to earn income online. For Example, if you post an advertisement for a company, people see it, click it, and then purchase the product, you earn a commission as high as 75%. Legit Online Jobs will give you step by step video guides and tutorials to make money online writing ads or doing other tasks that can generate up to $100 per transaction. You will also receive $200 in free coupon credits as well as access to massive databases of real online jobs and a number of other ways to make money from home. In addition, Legit Online Jobs will offer 4 bonuses; a real at home salary based jobs database, making money with online surveys, earning income with online auctions, and 1 on 1 coaching. All you need to get started is a computer with internet access, no prior experience or skills required. You don't even need to have a website, carry a product, or deal with customers. Legit Online Jobs guarantees that you may earn back your membership fee multiple times over within just a day or two and if not you can take advantage of the 60 day money back guarantee.

Doba Reviews

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doba.com Reviews Doba Claim: Doba is a product sourcing marketplace or wholesale product aggregator and drop shipper that has been ranked one of the fastest growing privately held businesses for three straight years. Doba is basically a one stop shop that simplifies wholesale product discovery, product research, the ordering of products, and the shipping of products all while earning the entrepreneur or business owner a 35% - 75% profit margin without ever having to handle merchandise. With over 300 distributors and 1,500,000 products to choose from, Doba allows you to market and sell just about anything to anybody in any medium with just a computer. Doba is also one of 30 companies and the only drop shipper to be a certified as an eBay Service Provider. Therefore, online retail merchants and web entrepreneurs can use Doba’s integrated application to sell wholesale merchandise on eBay with a few simple clicks and you don’t even have to deal with the hassle and expense of storing products, managing inventory, packing and shipping products, or handling returns. Also, if you happen to be a distributor, manufacturer, wholesaler, or drop shipper, Doba can provide a large distribution and sales channel as members are typically online retailers, entrepreneurs, website owners, and online auction business owners. Try Doba now for 14 days free to at least see what we have to offer.

Swoopo Reviews

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Swoopo.com Reviews Swoopo Claim: Swoopo is an entertaining and innovative auction site that is somewhat like a raffle, a game, and a little like gambling. Swoopo is a money saving opportunity where most of the auctions are won at 35% of the retail value of the merchandise. Users purchase a bidpack at 0.60 cents per bid and place bids on an item up for auction. For every bid, the price of the product goes up 12 cents and the auction countdown timer increases by up to 20 seconds. Once no more bids are received and the timer runs out, the item is sold at a significant discount to the last bidder. All other bidders lose their bids, but they are offered the opportunity to purchase the merchandise for retail price minus the cost of their lost bids. Swoopo gives you the chance to purchase a $2,000 TV for $500. If you were going to purchase a TV for retail anyhow, you mind as well attempt a Swoopo auction first and save if you win, purchase anyway if you lose. Swoopo often runs special offers and promotions where you can receive free bids and may end up winning an auction for free. Swoopo provides such an opportunity to save money that entire product lines and strategies have been developed to teach Swoopo tactics and win more auctions.

Maverick Money Makers Reviews

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Maverick Money Makers Club Review Maverick Money Makers Editorial Review RatingMaverick Money Makers Claim: Mack Michaels’ Maverick Money Makers Club is an exclusive affiliate marketing course and experienced online money making resource. The course includes over 60 videos, numerous audio clips, and many other tutorials that teach you how to create automated income streams that will earn you over $350 per day just starting out. There are well over 12,000 Maverick Money Makers Club members and many are making tens of thousands of dollars a month working from home. Through the course and your step by step journey to internet riches, Maverick Money Makers will allow you to quit your day job after the first month of joining. By following the quick start guide, you will earn your membership enrollment fee back plus profits after the first day. This is a legitimate, proven, and easy work at home job opportunity that takes advantage of other company’s products and masters affiliate marketing techniques. Mack will show you where you can access tens of thousands of products to sell and how you can get thousands of buyers for those products using his proprietary automated systems. In addition, MMM offers multiple products for resale, online auction techniques, internet business management, traffic building, PPC strategies, advertising avenues and much more. Mack Michaels is a self made internet millionaire and the #1 work at home consultant in America. Whether you have no experience whatsoever or are a brilliant marketer, join the Maverick Money Makers Club to learn from the best and discover the secrets of success.

Note:  Maverick Money Makers Redux is now the Millionaire Society

Craigslist Reviews

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craigslist Review Craigslist Claim: Craigslist’s 13+ years of primarily free online classified advertisement postings has evolved into one of the premier mediums for selling merchandise, offering services, searching job postings, listing real estate, and a number of other choices. Craigslist is built around communities and targets the marketplace by location. Craigslist is perfect for regional sales and selling products too bulky for shipping. Although not an Online Auction by definition, it certainly can produce income to rival eBay sales. Craigslist shines by offering the listing service free of charge. You can save enormous amounts of advertising fees by posting your car for sale, an apartment for rent, or placing a house on the market with craigslist rather than in a local newspaper. Craigslist can be used to make money in a variety of ways due to its versatility of use.

SaleHoo Reviews

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SaleHoo Review SaleHoo Claim: SaleHoo offers a constantly updated directory of more than 5,300 Pre-Screened legitimate wholesale suppliers of high quality and profitable products. The database also includes dropshippers, liquidators and manufacturers for every type of product imaginable including top brand names. A full-time team of researchers are checking and re-checking our information to provide you with the best opportunities to resell merchandise on a website or online auction. Included with purchase are the following 5 invaluable books: "Dropship Handbook", "What to Sell", "Shipping Guide", "SaleHoo Market Guides", and "How to Find Fantastic Suppliers".

eBay PowerSeller Secrets Book Reviews

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eBay PowerSeller Secrets Review eBay PowerSeller Secrets: Insider Tips from eBay's Most Successful Sellers 2nd Ed.

eBay PowerSeller Secrets Claim: The Second Edition of eBay PowerSeller Secrets is packed with up-to-date insider guidance in effectively running an eBay store, selling and shipping internationally, finding little-known sources for products, advertising your wares, managing inventory, collecting payments, keeping records, utilizing trade secrets, conducting product research, profit and demand analysis, and other tactics needed to start earning up to $150,000 per month through an eBay business!

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